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Job Details

As a Sales Development Representative your role will be to work with current inbound and outbound channels to manage lead generation and initial qualification of leads. This role is a entry level or second level position that requires and understanding of how to discern the fit of a client through question asking and online research. An ability to do repetitive tasks at a high level, self-analyze performance and test new methods is a key to success in this position. This position is not intended to be a long term position and is designed for lateral change to an Account Executive role or a hierarchical change to an SDR management role within 18 months.


  • $30,000 – $50,000
  • $40,000-$65,000 OTE
  • 5% 401(k) matching after 90 days
  • Performance based bonus
  • health and dental benefits
  • Unlimited vacation
  • Remote and flexible hours


  • Answer incoming leads from multiple sources (digital, networking, partner channels)
  • Create outbound activity through multiple channels (email, partner channels, phone, social media)
  • Qualify clients through question asking
  • Track and measure performance and productivity
  • Generate reports to summarize activity
  • Develop recommendations on lead generation improvement
  • Hand-off to Account Executives with detailed notes
  • Participate in sales forecasting meetings
  • Manage external expenditures
  • A/B test strategies


  • Customer communication, sales, technical support or customer service experience a plus.
  • Mid-level understanding of Excel (subtotal and simple formulas)
  • Detail oriented
  • Strong visual and verbal communication skills
  • High level of grit in following through in highly variable and uncertain environments
  • Demonstrate ability to accomplish repetitive tasks
  • Numerical analysis and strategic thinking experience

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