Awesome Software and Strategies

Most people have come to expect well designed, fast, intuitive, and beautiful software in their personal lives yet deal with old, unintegrated, slow, and broken software in their business. We are changing that.


Great results start with great people

Our team is structured around people who were leaders at the finest institutions in the world.

For Small Businesses

The best talent coupled with efficiency to deliver high value software and business solutions.

Software for small businesses has historically been a race to the bottom: find the cheapest developers and do as little due diligence as possible, to save cost. We reject that. We pore over every detail of the client’s process, gather the best developers that we can find, and leverage efficient knowledge sharing to drive cost down for tremendous value. We use these experiences to develop great products that don’t currently exist in this market.

Strategies tend to be tailored for big business and recycled downward for smaller businesses. In reality, smaller businesses have fewer people and the same complexities. Incredibly smart, curious people with experience in marketing, operations, sales, strategy, and organization bring the experience necessary to change businesses. This acumen force multiplies the value we deliver across all disciplines.

Sales is more than just communications and closing for us: it is the building block of every long term relationship that we form and investment of time and money into our reputation. While sales, presentation skills, and charm are very important to any client relations position, we are focused on curating a group of sales professionals who are disciplined, talented in communicating complex concepts, and passionate about discovering the clients’ needs.


Hiring great people is the only way to ensure an organization that minimizes rules and allows for as much autonomy as possible: the better we are at hiring, the more autonomy, freedom, and fulfillment we can create.


Working with small budgets and big problems is difficult but the rewards are incredible. In addition to witnessing first hand the emotional and quantifiable changes that your work produces, we add as many benefits for you as we can.

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