Industry Education Management
Location Oregon
Year 2016 - Present

Drastically improved operation efficiency and grew sales in the most profitable business unit


A construction and manufacturing safety training company for heavy machinery looking for ways to grow the business through streamlined operation.


All onsite training and testing were paper-based, which was both time-consuming and left room for mistakes

Classes had unsatisfactory enrollment rate

Online materials sales (high margin for client) were unsuccessful

  • Created a mobile tablet application for on-site safety training and practical examinations
  • Carried out digital marketing activities to increase traffic and sales, focusing on high margin business

Onsite examinations was shortened to only 5 minutes, from the previous 1.5hr

Back-office data entry work was reduced by 80%, with the integration of the CRM system

60% Ecommerce Revenue Increased in one year

68,000+ Material sales in 2016

best materials sales year in the past 3 years

Increased leads significantly through Paid Search

41% of traffic and 50% of leads

Expanded target customer coverage - Implemented Spanish language campaign with 3x average click through rate