Industry knowledge in software development, business processes & marketing from industry leaders.

Unlike most software companies, we have business process consultants from Fortune 500 companies, and unlike most consultancies, we have software engineers from Fortune 100 companies. The mix of proven business process strategies with innovative technology is unrivaled in the marketplace.

Our team has helped every client increase revenues while providing solutions that are both scalable and actively-working to take organizations to the next level.


Bring high-powered technology to smaller organizations to increase industry-wide competition


Help clients look to the future instead of maintaining the status quo


100% of clients have generated a ROI within 12-18 months

Mobile Software Development

Engineers & Designers

Our design/engineering team understands that the technology that you use outside of work (iPhones, Facebook, Google, etc.) is fast, intuitive and modern. Why should it be different in the workplace? Atlas designs software infrastructure that creates a positive user experience with the results to match.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing requires a keen understanding of the market, coupled with forward thinking strategies that will place our clients at the forefront of every relatable search. The Atlas digital marketing team has curated a unique approach that has demonstrated proven results across multiple verticals/industries.

Business Development

The role of a sales person shouldn’t be to tell you that you need to buy what we’re selling. Instead, it should be to do what’s best for you. The Atlas business development team understands that we can’t be of any help to your organization unless we take the time to understand your operations and your vision for the future.